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A. Lin Goodwin

Professor, University of Hong Kong.

A. Lin Goodwin is dean and professor of the faculty of education at the University of Hong Kong. Her research includes teacher identities and development.

A. Lin Goodwin is dean and professor of the faculty of education at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Prior to joining HKU in 2017, she was vice dean at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, and the Evenden Foundation Chair of Education. She is a past vice president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)―Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education, and the inaugural Dr. Ruth Wong Professor of Teacher Education at the National Institute of Education in Singapore. In 2015, Dr. Goodwin was honoured as a distinguished researcher by AERA’s special interest group: Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans.

Goodwin’s research focuses on teacher and teacher educator identities and development; multicultural understandings and curriculum enactments; the particular issues facing Asian/Asian American teachers and students in U.S. schools; and on international analyses/comparisons of teacher education practice and policy. Recent publications include ‘Globalisation, global mindsets and teacher education’ in ‘Action in Teacher Education’, and ‘Social justice teacher educators: What kind of knowing is needed?”’(with K. Darity) in the ‘Journal of Education for Teaching’. Her latest book, co-authored with E.L. Low and L. Darling-Hammond is: ‘Empowered educators in Singapore: How high-performing systems shape teaching quality’.



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