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The Future of Learning

The future of learning will be a significant factor in shaping the future of humanity and our planet. As our awareness of the enormity of global challenges increases, it is vital to take time to consider how best to equip ourselves, and future generations, to tackle these difficulties and build a better world. What do we need to know, and how should we learn it? This Nobel Prize Dialogue will seek answers to those questions and more.

 What constitutes an ‘education’? This question lies at the heart of the Dialogue and will be considered from various angles: what do we need to know, is there an optimal balance between fundamental and applied knowledge, how does education differ around the world today and should we be adapting learning to meet future needs?

 Technology is changing both the practice and focus of education. What does the rapidly developing relationship between technology and learning mean for the way we will learn in the future, and do the demands placed on us by the technologies that surround us threaten to undermine our ability to learn?

 Access to education is a basic human right but how can we ensure a more equitable provision of resources, both between and within nations? And on International Women’s Day, we ask what part gender plays in determining educational status and, given that this is a Science and Society meeting, what can be done to increase the participation of women in STEM subjects?

 The Nobel Prize Dialogue is a free-of-charge, full-day event inspired by the Nobel Week Dialogue which has been taking place in Sweden in Nobel Week since 2012. In 2017 the event was held in Seoul for the first time. The event aims to stimulate discussion on a topical science-related theme by bringing together Nobel Laureates, the world’s leading scientists, key opinion leaders, policy makers, different interest groups and the general public, online as well as on-site. Bridging science and society, it is an opportunity to stimulate thinking, excite imagination and inspire greatness!




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